Sunday, June 22, 2008

her name is yuko

i was surprised when i recieved an email from a new friend inviting me to go to roppongi for some clubbing. it was really unexpected because i only met him once and i haven't heard from him since then. the date was set saturday night around ten in the evening. meeting place: almond restuarant near exit 3 of the metro subway.

it was not hard for me to look for him in front of almond because when i got there, he was already standing in front of the restaurant talking to some of his fellow africans. he said that he just met them there while for me. they even suggested that we go to "nature" one of the bars in roppongi. so we tried to check out the place but we found out that it has already closed. since he doesn't have any idea what bar we could go, i suggested that we try gaspanc. knowing that the place is nice and the music is good, i was sure that he will enjoy the place.

and my instincts didn't fail me.. he just loved the place and the ambiance. we danced while we share a couple of beers... as time pass by, the place starts to be crowded with people of all ages and nationalities... my friend tease me because it was not only one or two but six girls that find me hot... (scary!!!) and would even say that they like me.. these girls are not tomboys, these were typical japanese young girls who hunt men.

but what caught our attention was a not-so-typical japanese girl named yuko... she really danced her heart out. she was so bubbly and cool to be with... according to my friend, among the six girls who liked me that night, she was the top one.. she utterly say that she really likes me... i just hope that her fondness is purely innocent otherwise, that would scare me to hell.

so, we spent the night dancing, drinking, and laughing with her... we even noticed that people around us keep staring at us because we are really having our good time. we didn't even noticed that it was already five in the morning until the bar became bright because all the lights were turned on as a signal that it was about to close. we promised to hang out together soon.

and before we part ways, she reminded us that her name is yuko....

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