Friday, June 6, 2008

adapting to change

today, it has been two months to be exact since i first stepped to japan... time really flies fast. i did not even notice that it has been two months already since i started living alone. the funny side is, people i met here were surprised that i have only been here for two months.. they thought that i have been here for quite a long time. they say that i have accustomed to the japanese environment. there was no sign of culture shock in me as they say. true, i did not experience any major culture shock so far except for the rainy days and the earthquake incidences that i felt in the wee hours of night (whew... luckily i did not die of panic seeing how my curtains literally sway due to earthquake).

everything is new to me at the moment... and i have decided to embrace and enjoy it. maybe that is the reason why there's no trace of culture shock in me... for the first time, i will live alone and independently for one full year... no dad, no cousins and relatives in the house... just me.

all my life, i live in a house where relationships serve as the center or focus... as an only child, my responsiblity to my parents include being with them always... likewise, my parents are a little overprotected of me. im not saying im a spoiled brat but i can say that i have lived comfortably with my parents being always there to provide for my needs and wants.

living alone right now is really a big challenge for me... first are the household chores. i have to do them all by myself. most importantly i learned how to wash my clothes from time to time. its not that i do not know how to wash clothes, but back at home, someone does it for me... now, i am double careful not to stain my clothes because i know now how hard it is removing them... :)

second, my daily expenses... i learned how to somehow manage my finances for me to be able to pay for my bills... i can say there's a big difference here and at home because i don't have my dad to back me up immediately now if i run out of cash...

people who i meet everyday outside our house think that i'm an independent, strong woman who can deal with everything and anything... but inside our house, i'm still a daddy's girl...and living alone has indeed honed me to be a new improved person....

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