Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dear baby girl

as i was trying to cure my sleeping problems, i tried to head to bed early hoping that i could get some straight sleep until the following morning. unfortunately, i woke up again in a wee hour... to get back to sleep, i tried to read a book.. i have finished the book after an hour and a half but my mind is still awake... and then i found myself in front of my laptop writing about that book entitled, "dear baby girl."

the book is about a girl who got pregnant at the age of fifteen... without someone to take care of her, she decided to look for parents that could adopt her baby. she found a prospective couple in a different state thus, she was forced to transfer to be able to meet them and discuss with them the terms. as they were waiting for the baby to come, the girl had a good time with the couple and eventually, they become close friends. a month before her expected date, she had an ultrasound to know the baby's gender. there they also found out that the baby was already dead and needs to be taken out of her body immediately. it was a rough time for her and the couple but that incident made them closer and more open to each other. after a few days, the couple realized that they want here to live and take care of her. she refused the offer believing that they only pity her for the loss of her baby... but then, after a few days of thinking, she went back to them and live with them as their adopted girl. the couple may have lost a baby but they found a daughter in her. she may have lost a child but she found good parents in them....

sometimes the best things that happen to us come in unexpected. we may not have wished for it, but God really knows what is the best for us.. at times, we get confused whether to embrace it or not but our instinct would tell us to accept it as fate. it may come in a wrong time, but at the end of the day, we realize that it was really meant to come just the right time and place.

as i was writing this article, i realize that i, myself, gets into that same situation a hundredfold. at first, i refuse to accept some of them eventhough they already happened but destiny and faith tell me that God has other plans for me. something that would make me a better and strong person. I just need to trust and believe in Him.

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