Friday, May 30, 2008

sister act

i've been alone since birth .... that's because i'm an only child. but all these years, i really did not feel i am one since my younger cousins were always there with me. they treat me as their older sister and i treat them as my siblings sharing almost everything that i can offer. there maybe times that i i felt our house empty especially when there's only three of us inside - my parents and me... but its short-term since most of the time, my cousins would stay at the house during the weekends.

when my mom died, things changed a little but my role as the "eldest sister" did not. this time responsibilities got heavier because they only have me to depend on since my mom is no longer around. but its still ok. i like the feeling of providing for my younger cousins and feeling a real "older sister" to them.

and now that i'm away... i miss being with my "siblings" especially when i come home from work and there's no warm smile or funny joke to welcome me or a nice chat before going to sleep....