Tuesday, June 24, 2008

deciding for the future

thirty minutes before six pm, my friend.officemate decided to make a declaration that she will no longer continue doing her min-thesis to be submitted to melbourne university in order to get her masters degree. that started our conversation about her difficulties writing the paper and coming up with a strong theory/arguements about the real motivations behind japanese's oda to china... i felt bad because i can feel how stressed she was thinking that she failed.

on my way home, i was still thinking about her problem with the thought that she could really finish it just in time if only she would push her self to do it. since i saw her draft report, i saw that all information are already at-hand however, she just need to sort things out and figure what does she really want to point out. i find it easy for me because i have spent my college years doing such kind of papers and even until i was already working. then i realized that i have not been using my potentials in order to pursue my dreams...

when i was still in college, my friends would always tease about my crazy dream of becoming the president of the philippines. for an average girl like me, it would take forever before i could reach that dream... though, i just consider it a crazy thought, still, some people believe that i could or might be a president of the philippines in due time... hehehe...

but as i step into the ladder of maturity, my dreams become narrower and simpler... there was even a point in my life that i do not want to do any further study because all i want is to be a housewife, raise a family, and take care of my family. i consider it as noble job but that would also mean i would throw away my career and my educational background.

however, God does have other plans for us. of all my friends, i was the one who do not have plans of going abroad because i do not want to leave my dad and our house. these are the two things that my mom requested me to take care of before she passed away. but duty calls and now i am here in japan for one year.

being here served as an eyeopener for me and gave some light to what i really want to be in the next five to ten years. though i am still in the crossroads between raising a family and being a good housewife or a career executive, one thing is for sure... i will definetely finish my studies when i get home. i also want to take a culinary course in a well-known school to add credentials to my small business. and if given the chances, i will study abroad for another masters degree or post graduate degree...

as for my mission of finding a prospective husband to be, well... it will come in due time... i hope :)

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